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(c) 2022 Jeramy Kendell Hoffman all rights reserved

someone is always saying we are living at the end of the world. its usually followed by
"now give me your money" some way. this song plays on fears we have as well as pokes fun at the ridiculousness of giving into that, and not living life.
tending sands/ at 0:07 • 7d


Never thought I'd love with so much doubt
thought we had it all figured out
and if you called me out
fuck you
so i wrote this song-
its true
we're all doomed
take a breath
let it out
don't think i'll ever feel again
too much self-doubt
I'm not a singer but-
& you're not a loser but-
i think we're doomed........doomed
i think we're doomed..........
it's true
save us from certain death.......
because we're doomed
how about you?